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Fall Color Guide

Fall Color Guide
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I have always told my friends that I love the colors in my home to be cool (gray, white, black, blue, etc.) but I want to wear warm, earth tones. Of course, polar opposite. I guess that's what balances me out....
I have been doing a lot of research (AKA Pinterest stalking) to find what I think are the perfect fall colors of this year. Some are oldies but goodies, and others are the new kid on the block. Either way, I'm loving them all! :)


Olive Green is one of those colors that will always be queen of fall. It looks great on any hair color, and can be worn with brown or black. Too much olive green? Not possible.

  (coming soon!)

Burnt Orange is one of my personal favorites! It gives you just enough color to be noticed but doesn't scream " HERE I AM!"


Forest Khaki is great because it mixes both cool (gray) and warm (khaki) into one very versatile color. You can never go wrong with a color that can be worn in more than one season!


Olive Drab is a very unexpected color that I love! I like when it is more muted (like the dress above) but it takes green to a whole new level.


Claret is a color that took some time to grow on me. I wasn't sure of the purple-ish hue it has because normally I am more drawn to maroon, but it actually goes great with a lot of fall colors!


Oak Buff is this year's mustard. (don't get me wrong, mustard is still one of my favs!) However, one thing it has over mustard is that people with different skin tones can wear this color a lot easier. I would say it is tan with a twist!

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  • Arrow Boutique: October 24, 2015

    Thanks Cheryl! :)

  • Cheryl: October 21, 2015

    Meg, you have such a talent! Loved the fall color guide! These are all my colors…. never been a purple fan, but I can grab ahold of claret! :)

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