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Blanket Scarf Season

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Fall is finally here! The leaves are changing colors, the morning air is crisp, and pumpkin spice lattes are plastered all over Instagram like there is no tomorrow!

For a fashion guru like myself, fall is much more than a season. It is lifestyle change. Literally. Fall means you can bring out your favorite cozy sweaters, your boots that you've been waiting all year to wear, and that tub overflowing with 50+ scarves that you keep in you closet just waiting to be worn (oh, or is that just me!?

Scarves are such a great item. They stand out, and not to mention, are actually warm. (unlike that coat you just HAD to have even though it is paper thin and now your outside freezing your butt off; yes Mom, you were right)

I would label any item, either clothing or accessory, a staple piece when it is a style that sticks around for more than one year. This year, that accessory piece is the blanket scarf.

Below I have listed some of my favorite ways to wear/style a blanket scarf, and how to get that perfect, "oh, I just threw this scarf on and it looks amazing" look!


Check out our Facebook and Instagram page to see how you can order your own blanket scarf for this season! Color options are pictured below!



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