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Spring - Stay Warm

Spring - Stay Warm
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Is it just me, or is it hard to think "spring" right now? *Thank you Mother Nature for this horrid wind - sincerely my hair.*
Hey, I probably shouldn't complain. At least there is no snow.....(please don't start snowing, please don't start snowing...)
Since the weather has yet to warm up and stay warm, I decided we should put some outfits together that pair our new spring arrivals with some things you might already find in your closet, at least until they can be worn by themselves!
First up, our Timely Tie Dye Tank put together with a simple cream cardigan. Neutrals and nudes go great together and this can be a nice and comfortable look for work!

Next up is our Patterned Aztec Tunic. This is a favorite because you can pair it with our without leggings to warm it up, and it's cute and casual. Anything olive green or black is perfect in my book.

It seemed as though suede would stay in the fall/winter style, but it has seemed to wiggle it's way into spring as well! The Sweet Suede Flapper Jacket and Super Sweet Cross Dress make a great combo because it can be worn for any occasion! (See, these two "sweet" pieces were made for each other ;)

Finally, our go-to date night outfit. Throw on your favorite leather jacket and a cute undershirt with our Sensible Suede Skirt and head out the door! Don't forget those heels! Or in my case, very friendly wedges :)

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  • Emberlynn: January 21, 2017

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